Cotswold 3 Seat Sofa Dining
Set with Rising Table
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This set delivers the best of both for casual lounging or more formal dining. The double Ribbed flat weave is our latest creation, combining rustic luxury with ultimate comfort, this set is a must this summer. 



2x Cotswold Armchairs

1x Cotswold 3 Seat Sofa

1x Cotswold Casual Rising Table

2x Cotswold Footstools



Height - 86cm

Width - 68cm

Depth - 80cm

3 Seat Sofa

Height - 86cm

Width- 216cm

Depth - 80cm

Rising Table

Height - 69/45cm

Width- 150cm

Depth - 80cm


Height - 41cm

Width- 60cm

Depth - 54cm


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